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Vending Products

AIS Vending Products

Lindco has established a partnership with Automated Inventory Solutions (AIS). AIS presents The Keeper, a sophisticated dispenser of supplies which feature patented Sensit® technology for guaranteed dispensing every time. Keeper models vary depending upon the sizes and quantities of the items to be stored. In addition to storing, dispensing, and tracking your inserts and end mills, you can also track items you own such as safety gloves and drill bits. Using keypad, magnetic card, or bar code technology, The Keeper Care System gives you exact inventory levels and accountability of use; essential data for performance appraisal.


  • Stores and dispenses supplies
  • Supply Software
  • Gives minimum level notification
  • Reduces emergency purchases
  • Tracks inventory use
  • Generates report data
  • Patented Sensit® Delivery System
  • Mobility allows point-of-use-location
  • Multiple employee ID entry
  • Up to 60 selections standard
  • 7th shelf option for 10 additional items
Keeper Care System (KCS) title=

Keeper Standard Configuration

  • 72"H x 39"W x 35"D
  • Approximate weight 738 lbs
  • Voltage requirements for USA = 3 amps @ 115 VAC

Helix Capacities

  • Standard helix has an opening range between ½" to 2-7/8"
  • Large helix can handle a range between 1-1/4" to 4"

The Software

The Keeper Care System (KCS) is a proprietary software package which, using a Microsoft SQL server, maintains a communication system between you, Lindco, and an automated inventory of supplies and tools. As your organization's use of supplies and tools is tracked and recorded, we are managing all that data to improve overall cost-efficiency. You can review automatically generated reports on inventory levels, make point-of-use comparisons, study rates of operation, and retrieve any specific information you need. Using Crystal Reports, the standard in information reporting, you can export your data to other applications within or outside your company.

The Keeper Care System (KCS) can generate reports which will allow you to view your AIS presents The Keeperorganization's operation from virtually any perspective. Reports on usage by employee, by department, and by machine as well as the Low-Bin Inventory report can be disseminated based on the requirements of various management functions. For example, the Plant Manager can see how many cutting tools are used by each employee or how much one department uses compared to another. As further example, the Purchasing Manager could get the Low-Bin Inventory Report and use this to place a replenishment order.

Three Key Steps in the Vending Process

  • When a tool is vended, the employee must either scan their badge or enter a predefined employee number.
  • Once the tool is vended, the employee becomes accountable for the tool and the expenses are attributed to departments or jobs you define.
  • Reports are generated to show usage by employee, department, part, etc. There are also reports that can monitor usage so that the proper inventory quantities can be established.

Lindco's Vending/Consignment Solution

Perhaps you are looking for a total management solution? Talk to your salesperson about the opportunities available to you to partner with Lindco to help manage your inventory, improve reporting, and increase cash flow.